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Looking for BIG Betfair Trading Profits? – Download The Trading Formula

Who says you have to know anything about horse races to make huge profits from them? And whoever told you that you need to have a betting robot to consistently make daily profits? The truth is, all you really need to start making it big on Betfair is an expert guide that will show you exactly what you have to do. Profitably betting on Betfair is not rocket science, but you do need to be able to correctly analyse the information that is made available to you. This is where The Trading Formula comes in.

– Betfair Exchange Trading System

The Trading Formula is a blueprint that will teach you everything you need to know about backing, laying, and trading horses profitably. It will reveal some very useful secrets about the British horse races to you and will also walk you through all the effective approaches to horse race betting. The information in the guide is easy-to-follow and does not require you to have any prior betting experience.

The Trading Formula will also never require you to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, nor will it require you to study any confusing form guides. All you really need to have is an internet connection and 20 minutes per day. In a straight-forward manner, The Trading Formula will expose you to some lethal information that 99.99% of all the punters in this world dont know about the British horse races. This information will be gradually introduced to you in a series of 3 well-written eBooks.

The ultimate objective of The Trading Formula is to arm you with the knowledge to execute low-risk (or no-risk) bets. It will show you how to back horses at high odds, lay horses at no risk, and trade horses with a guaranteed profit. In other words, you will be able to imitate the strategies of an elite group of profitable punters in no time at all.

Better yet, you can start with a bank that is as small as 30. It is highly likely that the size of this bank will double in one or two days if you correctly follow the instructions and methods that are outlined in this guide.

If you’ve spent too much money on useless systems and clueless tipster services, then maybe its time you start looking at the real deal. The information contained within The Trading Formula is totally unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. It is a completely revolutionary approach to horse race betting that is nothing like the old, traditional approach that most people still choose to stick to.

When you purchase The Trading Formula, you will also receive a free Betfair Buster guide that focuses on the basics of Betfair and the betting exchanges.

The second free bonus is a Greyhound Trader system that will teach you how to execute risk free trades in Greyhound races. There is currently a special promotional price on offer, so if you are serious about changing your life, then dont wait too long.

The Lay Investor

The key to profitable horse laying is a very simple principle. Yet, the majority of punters have absolutely no clue what it is. If you have a consistent history of losing money at the races, then you probably don’t know what it is either.The key to profitable horse laying is having an edge over the market. In other words, you need to own information that other punters either do not have access to or chose not to pay attention to. The key to profitable horse laying is certainly not hunting for under-priced lays, as many unknowing punters believe.

It is much more effective to focus on a few quality selections that have a high chance of losing every few days than spending huge sums of money on a daily basis trying to capture as many losses as possible.

The Lay Investor is a horse laying system that can potentially increase the return on your investment by 150%. How? It teaches you a little-known secret of finding the right horses to lay that is unknown to the majority of punters. With The Lay Investor, you will learn an easy-to-master 7-step process that will allow you to pick the horses that have the highest chances of losing. The bets that are chosen according to the rules outlined by the system have a 98% chance of making a profit.

To put it another way, The Lay Investor provides you with a way of turning your betting activities into a form of investment. You will no longer be gambling away your hard-earned money on horses that have been selected by useless tipping services and ineffective betting systems.

Unlike many of the other useless and ineffective systems in the market, The Lay Investor relies on overlooked information to deliver its betting advice. It does not, in anyway, rely on things such as Ratings from the Racing Post, Topspeed figures, or Tipster selections and forecasted favourites. Neither does it require any forms to be studied or any personal judgement to be used in the selections. It eliminates the margin of error from your horse selections almost completely. The success of the system is proven with the results from the past five years, which I highly recommend you have a look at.

In addition to all this, The Lay Investor only requires 5 to 10 minutes of your time everyday to make it all work. All you need to be able to start using the system effectively is an internet connection, a Betfair account, and a couple of free online resources.

When you purchase The Lay Investor system, you will receive a guide that will lay out all the selection rules for you and illustrate their implementation with real life examples. You will also receive two user-friendly staking plans that will help you in your account management.

The Lay Creator – Lay Betting

You have probably heard that 99% of all punters who bet on the betting exchanges make losses, right? A large part of those losses are incurred by betters who place the wrong lay bets. It all sounds relatively bleak, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly.Click Here for The Lay Creator

The good news is that you can choose to do something about it and turn yourself into a profitable horse layer.

The Lay Creator is an amazing lay prediction software that can help you achieve that. How it works is, the software takes a number of criteria into consideration before it advises you whether or not you should lay a particular horse. The software is extremely simple and easy-to-use and only involves a few clicks of your mouse.

By analysing the range of potential bets for you beforehand, The Lay Creator enables you to place winning bets in just 5 minutes everyday. You can place your bets in peace the evening or the morning before a race after you have run all the bets through the software. The Lay Creator eliminates the need for you to spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen doing all the tiresome research.

After all, most of us do have a day job to attend to and we simply cannot afford to spend all that time at our PC’s everyday.

With the Lay Creator, you don’t need to have a big starting bank and you can start betting instantaneously. And because the system is guaranteed to make you a profit, you will never have to worry about losing your hard-earned money on the betting exchanges ever again.

You can sit back, relax, and smilingly watch your bank grow at an exponential rate every day from now on. In fact, the Lay Creator is so powerful that you may even be able to quit your boring job and free yourself from that cubicle in no time. And if you have no intention of quitting your job but are merely looking for a way to make some extra income, then the Lay Creator provides the perfect solution too. It will allow you to make money even when you are at work or elsewhere on autopilot.

And for those of you who do not have any experience with betting and do not know anything about horse racing, there is absolutely no need to worry. The Lay Creator is very easy to understand and it comes with a manual that will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

When you purchase the product, you get even more than just the powerful software and the step-by-step manual. You get full customer support from the creator of the product himself and his team. All emails will be answered within 24 hours.

FrontLine Lay – Lay Betting System

By The EditorIt is a sad fact that most of the betting systems being sold today don’t work. Are you one of those people who have spent huge amounts of money on betting systems that were built upon marketing hype and false promises? Do you want to know why most of these systems fail to produce any profits?

There are two main reasons for their astonishing rate of failure. One, they are not designed to make consistent profits over the long term. And two, their selection process and criteria are too ambiguous to be of much use. Now, there is a new system that will put an end to all of that mumbo jumbo.

The Frontline Lay System is different. This laying system uses some extremely unorthodox laying strategies that will allow you to make immediate profits with a very little effort. Ross William Turner, the product’s creator, is only 30 years old and has been making a lucrative full-time living with horse race betting for the past 7 years. He knows his stuff and has put all the knowledge and experience that he has accumulated in his successful gambling career into a valuable guide.

The Frontline Lay System’s guide is not hundreds of pages long either. Ross has included only the information that is truly necessary to start making huge profits from horse race gambling and doesn’t bore you with useless information that other “experts” typically use to fill in the pages.

From this concisely-written guide, you will learn an easy-to-implement betting system that does not require you to have any previous experience with betting or horse racing. You will also learn how to use a 12-point rating system to choose the right losing horse. And unlike all the other useless systems out there, The Frontline Lay System explains each of the 12 factors so clearly that there is no space left for unanswered questions or lingering doubts.

But the valuable information doesn’t stop there. The Frontline Lay System will also teach you how the Betfair system works and how to manage your bankroll in such a way that you can start making profits from the very first day with a small bank. But best of all, the strategies and tactics that Ross teaches you will stay relevant and effective for many years to come. This is not a short-term solution based on hype, but rather, a long-lasting solution that will allow you to start living life on your own terms.

Rest assured that The Frontline System is no traditional betting system. It uses some hardcore tactics that will blow your mind away. It has been reviewed by one of the top betting system websites and the comments were resoundingly positive.

Roulette Raper

So how is this possible? The secret is simple! Roulette is a game of chance. Most players play against their odds instead of with them. This is how the casino makes its money. However, a select few KNOW when to bet and what to bet on! This is the KEY! And, this is where Roulette Raper comes in!

With its sophisticated system, it helps you keep track and plan your next bet. Just as if a Robot were playing the game for you!

You will know precisely WHEN, HOW, and WHERE TO BET. The rest just requires you taking your time to win the $$$$$!

Watch our videos of the software in action. We made $190 in 3 mins! Does this sound good to you? Now do the math on what this adds up to in a couple of hours! $190 in 3 mins EQUALS dreams coming true!

Do NOT be fooled by imitations!

We are the original. We have been around for years. We know how to make winners!

The bottom line is: Roulette Raper works!

It works because:

It does hundreds of calculations across the Roulette board with every spin!

After doing these calculations, it determines where your money is at LOWEST RISK.

The software then determines where your money would have HIGHEST GAIN.

When your risk is nearly zero and your gain is through the roof it tells YOU to place your bet and WIN your money!

All you have to do is tell the system where the ball lands!

It is so simple, even someone who has never entered into an online casino before can do it! I know, I was one of those people. After years of compiling research and data on online Roulette, I have found a way to beat the system!