November, 2017

The Lay Investor

The key to profitable horse laying is a very simple principle. Yet, the majority of punters have absolutely no clue what it is. If you have a consistent history of losing money at the races, then you probably don’t know what it is either.The key to profitable horse laying is having an edge over the market. In other words, you need to own information that other punters either do not have access to or chose not to pay attention to. The key to profitable horse laying is certainly not hunting for under-priced lays, as many unknowing punters believe.

It is much more effective to focus on a few quality selections that have a high chance of losing every few days than spending huge sums of money on a daily basis trying to capture as many losses as possible.

The Lay Investor is a horse laying system that can potentially increase the return on your investment by 150%. How? It teaches you a little-known secret of finding the right horses to lay that is unknown to the majority of punters. With The Lay Investor, you will learn an easy-to-master 7-step process that will allow you to pick the horses that have the highest chances of losing. The bets that are chosen according to the rules outlined by the system have a 98% chance of making a profit.

To put it another way, The Lay Investor provides you with a way of turning your betting activities into a form of investment. You will no longer be gambling away your hard-earned money on horses that have been selected by useless tipping services and ineffective betting systems.

Unlike many of the other useless and ineffective systems in the market, The Lay Investor relies on overlooked information to deliver its betting advice. It does not, in anyway, rely on things such as Ratings from the Racing Post, Topspeed figures, or Tipster selections and forecasted favourites. Neither does it require any forms to be studied or any personal judgement to be used in the selections. It eliminates the margin of error from your horse selections almost completely. The success of the system is proven with the results from the past five years, which I highly recommend you have a look at.

In addition to all this, The Lay Investor only requires 5 to 10 minutes of your time everyday to make it all work. All you need to be able to start using the system effectively is an internet connection, a Betfair account, and a couple of free online resources.

When you purchase The Lay Investor system, you will receive a guide that will lay out all the selection rules for you and illustrate their implementation with real life examples. You will also receive two user-friendly staking plans that will help you in your account management.